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Welcome to SAMS - Sutton and Merton Schools CPD


Simple Way to Book Courses

Use the CPD Booking page to view and book courses

​Welcome to our new Sutton and Merton CPD Website - the place to start your search for all things which will support your continuing school improvement programme.  We hope you find it an exciting and effective place to visit. 

Book a Course

The CPD Booking section gives access to all the Sutton and Merton CPD courses in an easy to search format. Use this area to view all the course details and to book places using the easy to use online booking facility.

School Workforce

The school workforce section of the site provides information on the wider aspects of professional development in schools. It includes the signposting of events, conference and best practice in Sutton and Merton.

CPD Support

This section provides useful information for Sutton and Merton CPD leaders in completing their role and responsibilities. It provides information which will help in both strategic planning of CPD and in the day to day management of work in schools.

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 CPD News

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